Slow and Steady Rocks The Face...

Dearest Friends, Frans and Loved Ones,

We are head first over the damn moon with excitement and joy in sharing our new record with you this summer. HONEYHONEY "3" is what the kids are calling it.. (we are the kids)

But first things second… How are you? What's been going on? Ya having fun? What's your schedule looking like the next couple months? Going to be in any of THESE places on THESE days?


If so, please report to the above locations for loving rock and tender friendship.

In the meantime, "3" is set to spread like fungus (healthy kind) in June. Our new single, " You and I" started streaming last week however… feel free to get on that shit.

We have never been more proud and excited of a record that we've done. We truly went through the ringer trying to get this album recorded on our own over the past couple years and now huzzah! Our partnership with Rounder/Concord records led us to a pairing with the Seal Team Six of recording crews and we were able to execute the mission successfully.

We could not have done this without your support. Your attendance at our shows, your Twitter, FB and Instagram support, love and your friendship mean the world to us. We hope that this record can be a part of your journey that makes you feel whatever it is you need to feel to keep being your wonderful self.

We love you and can't wait to see you out there!


Ben and Suzanne