June 1, 2015 - Colorado Roadloaf...


We write you now from a tiny space of freeway, nestled in the craggy ribs of the Rocky Mountains. On days like today where everything looks like a goddamn gorgeous Bob Ross painting, we continually and collectively have these moments of deep gratitude for the line of work that we’re in. It sure does have it’s ups and downs, but the view today can be filed under the “up” column. We are heading back to California after having a few days of rehearsal in Denver and two festival shows. We met up with our drummer and dear friend Conor Meehan ( AKA Cronus) and the NEW ADDITION to Crew honeyhoney, Sage Atwood. (Sage hails from Berkshire County Massachusetts, the area Ben and Conor grew up. Between the three of them, there are some riveting tales of high school soccer rivalry, adolescent band politics and a Steven King-esque account of a rabies outbreak among the local raccoons. What’s a dull moment? We wouldn’t know…) Our rehearsal days were a humbling reminder that music is a muscle that must be flexed and stretched and cared for with love and the best of intentions. We had a few long days of working and reworking old and new material and getting to a place where we felt ready to kick off this 10 week tour across the chunk of Earth we call “America”. The festival shows were a good deal of fun, but not without the standard hiccups of some torrential down pouring/hailing, the absence of proper footwear for the occasion, some accidental altitude intoxication ( that wasn’t an accident) and maybe one too many bratwursts (definitely too many bratwursts). Other than that, the Camp Out for a Cause and Meadowgrass crowds were truly delightful and welcoming. We give a solid tip of the hat to those well prepared mountain folk for sticking it out in the unsavory weather and for keeping the flame of fun ablaze.

What did we learn form this 7 day excursion to Colorado?
1.) Pack more than two pairs of socks
2.) Minnetonka Moccassins are NOT to be worn at muddy music festivals
3.) Smoking a Colorado joint before seeing Mad Max can be filed under the “never do that again” category
4.) One weighty whiskey will get you wasted, Two may make you hallucinate and hump the sidewalk

Next up is San Diego and Phoenix this weekend… Hope to see you damn lovelies there…
Sincerely Yours,