July 7, 2015 - Surreality


Documentation creates these simpler lines, (not quite straight), or at least a pattern thats relatable AFTER the fact. While its happening things move like a dream, some mush of cities and faces and poignant moments that stick, or some squeal of feedback in soundcheck that takes a little piece of your ear with it and then you're drunk or you're hungry and in the middle of the American desert with TGI Friday beating out Dennys as a viable option. 6 hours into most drives certain little psychic screws HAVE to come loose and you and everyone else meets a new you, “Road You”.

Here are some little road tales. Snippets. The first one is a man we met at a Kansas gas station, he was forward and nervous too, asking if we were musicians and getting excited when we said yes. He said that he loved to sing so I asked to hear him. He sounded beautiful.

This second video is a continuation of our, “ Random Romance Reading” series in which we randomly select from the trove of romance novel literature and beam it out to the PUBLIC. This dude, named Pepe Le Peu, gifted us with a reading we will never forget. Please make sure to visit the Swiss Bistro next time you are in Santa Fe!

Hope to see you soon.