1. A Birthing

    Nov. 20, 2014 by User 4 Comments

    Hello Dear,

    If you want to hear some of our new music you can do it.  We finished a recording of our song, “Punk Kid,” that we just released in conjunction with our friend Joe Rogan who’s using it to intro his Comedy Central special.  A magnum opus? A masterpiece?  You decide, its definitely one of the two.

    We’re putting it up on our website on a donation basis which means you can give us whatever you can or literally all of the money that you have, assets included. We encourage all equally.  We have hopes of using your (soon our?) money to buy a van that we can tour in and hopefully never live in down by a river.

    We’re very excited about this song and recording.  This version we’re releasing was produced by a brilliant musician named Keefus Ciancia, in the freaking immaculate Vox Studios run by guitar ace Woody Jackson.  It features a true hero of ours, the drummer Jay Bellerose known mainly for playing on EVERYTHING THATS COOL.  It really was a special day in the studio, kind of a watershed moment for us.

    Please enjoy the song.  Truly, no matter your donation, we are honored by the support that you have given us as we move into this next chapter.  Hope we can continue to make you happy and proud with our music.

                                      play it loud.  with the windows down.


                                                             Suzanne and Ben


  2. Hello dear friends, sweet chums, and loving buds,

    Its been quite a while since last we wrote.  Perhaps around the time of our last tour announcement?  Coincidence?  Maybe.  That said, we're going on tour. 

  3. Carrying the Sheiks Hair

    Aug. 05, 2014 by User 0 Comments

    Hello dear friends, 

    We’re playing more shows. Midwestern shows for the most part, couple dips into the South. One quick look at our events page will prove that we aren’t lying. 

  4. The new honeyhoney t-shirt hath arriveth!  Dubbed the, " Bill Tee" for one fairly obvious reason and also because it was created by Bill Patterson, a pal and member of the twitter brethren. We hope that you will find time in between your moments of toplessness to wear this shirt with the swagger that only you possess.   



  5. The Spring of Our Content

    May. 27, 2014 by User 0 Comments

    Hello again friends, 

    How are you? Comme ca va? Que onda? Ma’ shlomcha? 

  6. Greetings!

    A quick word if you will.

    We’re playing some shows and here they are!

    1. Jacksonville FL, March 16th at the Natural Life Music Festival! This down homey jam off features us along with the likes of Ms. Sarah Jarosz and the Autumn Defense.

    2. St. Paul MN, March 20th The Real Phonic Radio Hour at the James J Hill Library hosts a live concert series that will be podcasted after the fact! We haven’t been up to see our friends in the frigid north in quite some time so we’re looking forward to seeing your frozen faces.

    3. Arlington VA April 10th On our way up north we’ll be stopping back into the IOTA, where we played last year. Come see us in a show that will devastate last years in terms of entertainment value. IOTA Club Website

    4. Williamstown MA, April 11th
    This show demands a larger paragraph. We’ve been planning for some time to throw a pair of concerts in collaboration with our old high school districts to raise funding for Arts Programs. The first of these shows is now happening on April 11th at Mt. Greylock Regional High School where Ben attended and graduated from as a mediocre student. WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE ANY/ALL OF YOU THERE. This is an issue very close to our hearts and having our honeysquad supporters show up in addition to the local community would really get the point across the way we want it to.


    5. North Adams MA, April 12th In addition to the Mt. Greylock show we are playing at the Elks Lodge in North Adams as part of our dear friend Doug Hacker’s Billsville concert series. Joining us is known badass Caroline Rose, a golden- voiced folk singer. Get Tickets HERE

    6. Cleveland OH Mahalls April 16th Cleveland you know we’ll always come back for you. Over and again. And on the 16th. Ryan Anderson and Sam Lewis will be joining our posse to ring in the jams. JUST ADDED Mr. Mike Polk Jr, a riveting voice in Cleveland comedy will be MC’ing. Whether you realize it or not, that is A BIG DEAL.

    7. Chicago IL Beat Kitchen, April 17th We love Chicago. We’re playing the venerable Beat Kitchen with our friends Ryan Anderson and Sam Lewis to express that love.

    More shows are coming in as the year unfolds, we’ll keep you as posted as you want us to. The record is still under construction but morale is high and as the winter wanes we hope to beckon in the spring with angsty rock n roll.

    Thanks for reading as always. Our Etsy store was again a huge success, thanks so much for taking part if you did and even reading about it if you didn’t. We lean hard on you guys and we’re so thankful that you keep us on our feet. More to come...

    your devoted band,

  7. To the beautiful and rapturous minds who will read this,

              So happy new year.  Its not too late to say that.  What with the Chinese New Year coming and the fact that we haven't seen most of you since the bell struck twelve, lets consider this our holiday greeting/renewal of the Roman calendar/dead of winter check-in.   So…you good?

  8. Put a little British on it.

    Nov. 25, 2013 by User 1 Comments

    Hello friends. Cheerio as it were.

    In a bit of disappointing news, no one has used the word "cheerio" in a sentence, cereal reference or not, in honeyhoney's experience on the grand UK adventure. ( Let the record state however that, " blimey" was overheard this morning over a plate of bacon " rashers" and fine English cocaine. POW!

    We kid. Living has been roughly clean over here. Aside from a single vomit brought on by a salt beef bagel at 4 am one London morning, our ails have many been the unforgiving mattresses of the Travelodge and our inability to refuse meat in pie form.

    Here's another chunk of truth: Traveling the world to play music is a dream inhabited. When a dream is inhabited it loses its pretty dream makeup and becomes something real with equal sobering and intoxicating effects.


    The shows have been unlike any we've ever played. We are supporting a true popular phenomenon in Jake Bugg. When we started in the States, we were playing many of the same venues we've played in the past, big clubs and theaters. Every show in America sold out and sold out quickly but in retrospect, felt like the little bubbles that cling to the bottom of the pot just before water really boils. The water is roiling over here.

    Our first gig was in front of 6500 people in Bournemouth, a seaside town that feels like bizarro Orange county with its surfers and neon margarita signs. The show was held, like most of those that have followed, in a huge civic center meant to house a huge range of community events, sports games, business conventions, city functions etc. There was probably a boxing match, a knife expo and a bingo tournament that same week. It was our first glimpse at Jakes crowd who turned out to be comprised of…everybody. Jake is a brilliant musician with an incredible crew behind him and prodigious at 19. The fact that he writes songs worth singing all the words to and has achieved the rare momentum he has brings out enormous, joyous and often raucous masses of people that, on certain nights express a uncomfortable ambivalence towards the musical acts that take the stage and arent called Jake Bugg. That had left ol' honeyhoney in an odd spot for a couple few of these nights. Strangers in a strange land, wailing away to sea of stonefaced brits. HOWEVER! This has made our good shows even more fantastic. One night in Doncaster, in another massive civic complex, the response left us hovering a few feet off the ground, hugging arty English girls and shaking hands with their country music loving parents. Brighton, Bournemouth, Glasgow, Dublin...there were more. Beams of hope for the global expansion of team honey.

    Through all this we fantasize about finishing our record and buying castles in the English countryside. When we do either, you're invited. We hope you're well and prospering or at least having fun. Accept our love from these foreign shores, postcards are on the way.

    P.S. The guinness in Ireland really is better.

  9. Our record Billy Jack is available outside of the United States for the first time in EVER so tell all your friends with funny (non-american) accents. We will be doing another Stageit performance TONIGHT at 8pm CST to blow off some steam and raise funds for our overseas adventures. We will be putting some signed vinyl, cd's, as well as t-shirts up for sale on our webstore to the same end because goddammit if we're going to be away from home for two months we're going make sure we eat.

    I realize this email is not as longwinded as I'd planned it to be but there will be more to come, some travel reporting by ol' honeyhoney is in the works and we would love to continue to share these things with you. As always, thank you so much for being part of what is making a career in music for us, the fact that we HAVE a community of people who give a shizz is deeply humbling and it'd be a lot less good looking if you weren't a part of it.

    love, honeyhoney

    Key points!

    • Stageit performance tonight at 8pm CST
    • new items in our webstore to fund the global expansion of the honeyhoneys. Billy Jack is finally for sale digitally INTERNATIONALLY.
    • making records and touring is an emotionally, spiritually and physically trying experience that is simultaneously rewarding on the same levels.
    • you're awesome, we will write letters from the road.
  10. Hola to you, our friend and fellow human!  We hope your tan is coming along evenly and your summer hotdog and beer consumption is manageable while still being enjoyable. 

    We quickly want to bring you up to speed on whats been happening in the, "HH small business and Sweet Jam Development Division" (HHSBSJDD) as many of you have been very involved in supporting us, and helping us achieve our goal of being a band that you want to read the emails of.

    Hopefully that last sentence didn't blow it. 

    Anywhoodle, here's the scoop!  Unable to make a deal with the party we were planning to record album 3 with, we are now back in search mode, looking for the right situation to help us make this record.  Our goal is STILL to have it ready for release in early 2014 and, with the exception of the 2 months we will be touring with Jake Bugg in the US and UK, our main focus will be making this record.  None of the support (financial or emotional) you have given us has been for naught or squandered, in fact, both of us feel that finding a new situation to record this record will ultimately help us make it the best we goddamn can. 

    Cool?  Cool.  In the meantime we will be releasing select video performances of songs from our past 2 records and new jamz as well.  Watch Little Toy Gun- live at the Family Wash (with string quartet!) now!  We hope you enjoy.  Thank you so much for sticking with us.  When the Zompocalypse hits, you will all be welcome in our bunker.  Just bring some beans or something. 


    Ben and Sooze


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